Friday, January 30, 2009

Economic Stink-ulus package

The classic economists/scholars definition of "inflation" is "...too
many dollars chasing too few goods and services". The Fed is printing
money as fast as the presses will run. Curves showing the US money
supply show a sudden vertical climb to a height on the curve that is
greater than all the money supply growth before 2006 combined.

The increase in the federal deficit must be paid for somehow, at the
moment it's paid for by use of the printing presses. This bodes not well
for inflationary pressures in the not-too-distant future. Can anybody
spell "Weimar Republic"??? Before we get to the point of
rubber-stamping "1 million" on $1 bills the Feds will do something,
I know not what, cannot conceive of any idea except official government
bankruptcy, to stop it.

The public debt is nothing but freshly printed money "on hold". The
public debt now stands at well over 10 TRILLION (that's TRILLION,
with a "T", count 'em yerself) dollars. The Keynesian Economic fraud
that's being sold as a "stimulus package" is increasing this years debt
by well over another TRILLIOM, and the Obama administration was
talking last week in terms of TRILLION (that's TRILLION, with
a "T", count 'em yerself) dollar annual deficits far into the future.

This "economic stimulus" (read: "stink-ulus") plan is being hyped as a
new "New Deal". It's a well established, well-known fact the the Great
of the 1930s was worsened and prolonged by the Rooseveldt
Administration tinkering with the economy. FDR did NOT bring an end
to the Great Depression, WWII brought an end to it. Left alone, the US
& world economies would have recovered quicker and would have
emerged much stronger and more resilient.

As you may know, the Obama stink-ulus plan passed the US House of
Reprehensibles on a strict party-line vote, 100% Republican "NO" votes
along with 11 Democrats. This fraud now goes to the US Senate for
consideration. Please do your own consideration and think about calling
or emailing your 2 US Senaturds and urge a "NO" vote. Most will simply
be ignored and/or responded to with a reply of pure BS political rhetoric,
but at least have your say in this. The public debt last week amounted to
over $37,000 for every man, woman, child in the US. The sperm & egg
that get united at any given moment in this country will ultimately
(unless it's murdered, but that's a different diatribe) emerge as a
newborn saddled with over $37,000 debt.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Anger, frustration, disappointment

Before I launch into a scathing diatribe against liberalism,
a bit of business for the troops. The American Red Cross
is teaming with the Pitney Bowes Corporation to send a
million Christmas cards to American troops. All you have
to do is prepare a Christmas card as you would to send to
any friend (and what better friend do you have?) and
address it as follows:
Holiday Mail For Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5467
It would be nice, too, to include a bit of a personal greeting
or something of the sort.

Now onward and upward(?) (a matter of opinion probably
not shared by all).

It's a CHRISTMAS TREE, not a "Holiday Tree"
It's "Merry Christmas", not "Happy Holidays"

As stated on the Bill O'Reilly show tonight, the "secular-
progressives" seem to have become more emboldened
lately. If you're not aware of what's been happening in
our State Capitol in Olympia, you can read about that on
O'Reilly's webpage, too:

Proposition 8 to legalize homosexual marriage was voted
down, AGAIN, by California voters by a 2-1 margin.
Homosexual activists across the country have been
engaged in hateful, vindictive behavior and activist
judges in California are already figuring how to overturn
the will of the people - AGAIN!
Along the same lines, we have a Christian dating service,, now REQUIRED to offer their service to
homosexuals. Just what business is it of the governemnt
to require a private business to do anything at all? I'm at
a loss about that!

We're about to inaugurate a socialistic presidential administration
that has gained power through fraud and deceit. The Obama
campaign was the biggest show of racism in this country since
the Civil War, and the liberal media has prostituted itself to
not only ensure that he was elected, but has continued to be
in the tank for him since the election. The new Obama admin.
has appointed a huge crowd of Clinton retreads and Washington
insiders. Where, pray tell, is the "Change You Can Believe In"?

We see the "Big 3" auto makers coming to DC on their private
jets asking for a bailout. Well, why not? They gave our tax money
away to the banking and insurance industry, why not be fair and
"spread the wealth"? If that is to happen, how about a bailout
for all the small businesses out there that are in trouble?

Well, just a few of the things on my mind this evening. I'll get
back to writing about the future course of conservatism and
the Republican Party tomorrow, so check back in about this time
tomorrow. Please do, and leave me a comment - just click on
the word "comments" at the bottom of each post and say what
you will. Cuss me out, tell me where to get off, even agree with
me if you're so inclined. Make suggestions for future posts.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Seems like after that long trip I'm having some difficulty
getting back into "things". We don't drive enough on any
given day to knock our brains out, usually about 7 to 8 hours,
before stopping for the night. We do, in fact, enjoy the trip,
even driving through the seemingly interminable southwestern
desert country. But by the time we get home, we're both ready
for our own home, the recliners, fixing our own meals, the
"sleep number" bed, all the familiar things we take so much for
If you've never been to W Texas, the San Angelo area, you're
missing a real "treat", or maybe a "treatment". Outside the
city it's like a giant sea of mesquite, prickly-pear cactus, and
scrub cedar. Some clumps of prickly-pear are ½ as big as a house.
The area is very reminiscent of the chaparral found in S California
with the scrubby cedars and other drought resistant plants. Belinda has
mentioned that if her Dad ever becomes so incapacitated that her
Step-mom needs the help we might have to move there. I hate the
idea of living "in town" and I can't imagine living outside of town in
that "sea" of mesquite.
Well, at any rate, there is a reason (or at least a lame excuse) that
I've been remiss in keeping the blog going. Maybe my wisdom in
starting it just before the major trip away when I knew I wouldn't
have internet access could be called into question, but I'm back now
and will get on with my "super-double-extra-ultra far right-wing
nut-job" conservative thoughts later tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Dec., '08

Finally back from our trip to Texas. Great trip, nice to see
the folks again, but we're really happy to be home.
Will post a new entry probably tomorrow. Have had a lot
of thoughts, fortunately have forgotten most of them! ;-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

14 Nov., '08

I will be leaving soon for a couple of weeks
in San Angelo, TX to spend the Thanksgiving
holiday with Belinda’s Father and Step-mother.
Probably be back around 3rd or 4th December.
I usually don’t have much access to the internet
except at hotels en route that have wifi, so I might
not be posting anything after this until I return.
I will just defer until that time posting any more
comments/analysis of potential party leaders. Let
me just say, though, that there is certainly no dearth
of great talent to lead the conservative movement
forward. As I understand from Fox News and other
sources, two of these talents are vying for leadership
of the Republican National Committee, that is,
Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich. Either of these
2 would be a very positive influence on the Party
and I couldn’t possibly express a preference.

Among the future leaders of conservatism, in
addition to those I’ve already commented on, are
Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas, Haley Barbour, Gov. of
Mississippi, Mitch Daniels, Gov. of Indiana, to
name but a few. Keep your eye on these folks, as
well as those already mentioned earlier.

It has been said that, in a democracy a people will
get the government they deserve. This quote has
been variously attributed to Thomas Jefferson,
Alexis de Tocqueville, and Wm. Shakepeare in
Julius Caesar” and a few other lesser-known
sources. I don’t presume to definitively know the
source of the quote, but I do know it’s true except
that there are those of us who don’t deserve what
we are getting. Many of us worked hard against
what proved to be insurmountable obstacles to
see that Barack Obama was not elected to the
Presidency. And how can we possibly “deserve”
the likes of Hillary Clinton in the Senate? How
can we be held accountable for the Senatorial
election in Minnesota, sending the one-man freak
show Al Franken to, of all places, THE US SENATE?
(I mean no disparagement to all you honest,
hard-working freaks out there by comparing you
to Al Franken - honestly, I just don't have a better
analogy!). Well, I think we can
only strive to do whatever it takes to get
this country back to what the Founders
intended to pass on to us by supporting with
money and our efforts to the leaders we choose,
as well as loyalty to our worthy cause, never waver,
never just roll over and acquiesce to those
things we believe to be truly dangerous to
life, liberty and the pusuit of happiness as
we cherish it.

One last note, before I sign off and go
off on my trip, about the runoff election
in Georgia. I don’t know if you understand
just how critical this runoff is, but the Dems
are threatening with a filibuster-proof Senate.
If this happens, anything goes! We really
need to support Sen. Saxby Chambliss in
this runoff effort. One organization looms
especially large between the Dems and Sen
Chambliss, the National Republican Trust Check
out the website and make a contribution.
Money is the “mothers milk of politics” and
without our efforts the liberals will implement
whatever screwball policies the Obama-Reid-
Pelosi troika (truly an unholy alliance) can
come up with. All that is necessary for evil
to prevail is for good men and women to do
nothing. And I believe many of the Dem
policies are truly evil.

C U in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, please
click the "Comments" button and give me
your thoughts, criticisms, encouragement,
even a "cyber-Snickers Bar"!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Not much to write about tonight. I have
been on my feet most of the day and am
really tired. We (US Submarine Veterans,
South Sound Base, Tacoma, WA) took a
tour of the Trident submarine USS Maine
today. Had a really great time and met some
of the Navy's best & brightest. What a GREAT
bunch of young men (to me, even most, if not
all, of the older guys were "young men").
These sailors love their job, their ship and
most importantly, their country.

Anybody see any of the "speechifying" out
of the Republican Governor's Conference
today? I understand Sarah Palin "wowed"
them AGAIN.

Well, I'll catch up tomorrow with some more
about some of our rising young stars. Until
then, next time you meet a veteran, say
"Thanks, GI".

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Nov. ‘08 @ 1305
We need to find and encourage local as well as national
talent to re-energize the conservative movement.
Conservatism is NOT a “hard sell”, the basic principles
of self-reliance, smaller government & lower taxation are
fairly universally desirable. The problem, though, is that
most of these principles have been compromised in recent
years. I don’t think the conservative movement has been
hi-jacked by charlatans like the Democratic Party has, but
it has simply lost it’s way. It almost seems that in many
cases conservative leaders have just lost the will to fight.
Here are some leaders at the national level who I think
will/should play a prominent role in the resurgence of
conservatism in our great nation. You may not agree with
some of these and you may feel more strongly about others.
If so, please post your thoughts via the “comments” link at
the bottom of the page.

1. Sarah Palin:
We’re all familiar with images of Gov. Palin
from the recent campaign. She energized the
conservative base of the Republican Party in
ways that John McCain could not possibly have
I would not have a problem with a 2012 run by
Sarah for the Presidency, providing, of course, she continues
to perform well as Gov. of Alaska and becomes more “seasoned
in her world view.
I believe, though, that her greatest service would be as a
US Senator. This because the Senate is a deliberative body
and hers is a voice of reason. She could very quickly rise to
a leadership position of considerable importance in a Republican
led Senate. She could possibly make a run very soon
depending on Ted Stevens' political life. Probably would
be better to wait until 2010 and run against Murkowski.
The important thing, of course, is to keep that Senate seat
in Republican control to prevent Obama having a fillibuster
proof Senate.

2. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal

Currently Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal
is one of the really dynamic rising stars in
Republican Politics.
At age 24, Jindal was placed in charge of Louisiana’s
Health System and in less than 2 years led it from a
$400 million deficit to a $200 million surplus. This
without sacrificing services and quality.
Bobby Jindal was elected to the US House of Representatives
in 2004 after losing the gubernatorial election in ’03
to Democrat Kathleen Blanco, who proved to be a
disaster during the Hurrican Katrina debacle. Jindal
was re-elected to his House seat with 88% of the votes
cast. He ran for Governor again when Blanco declined
to stand for re-election and won with 54% of the vote
in a field of 3 other major and some minor candidates.
Jindal is the son of immigrants from India, converted
from Hinduism to Catholicism in high school and has
given testimonies to many evangelical congregations.

3. Paul Ryan, 1st Congressional District of

Little known outside of Wisconsin at this time,
but surely destined for a major role in any
resurgence of conservatism.
Ryan was considered as a possible running
mate for John McCain in the recent campaign.
Ryan is the Ranking Member of the House Budget
Committee the highest ranking Republican on that committee
and is a clear voice for economic conservatism.
Watch Ryan, he’s destined for a major role sometime in the
future, probably first as a VP nominee in a near future
Presidential campaign, almost certainly a candidate for a
Senate seat.
These are but a few of my selection of candidates. I’ll post
some more later, probably tomorrow , such as
Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee. In the meanwhile,
let me know, via the “comments” button, if you have other